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Imagine the thrill of someone getting a song on their birthday in which their name is heard repeatedly in the song lyrics. Guaranteed jubilation! Select a name among 5 musical styles that will surely please the birthday boy or girl. The songs are studio-recorded by professionals and are a foolproof way of bringing magic to any birthday celebration. Our musicians and singers put all of their talent and heart into the recordings and the recipient can't help but be moved by the experience.

How the project was born!

A few years ago, I wrote and produced a song for a close friend’s birthday party. Everyone present was so amazed that I decided to give the general public the opportunity to experience the same thrill I had in seeing my friend’s face when she first heard her name in the lyrics. Now you can give that friend, acquaintance or special someone a special moment they’ll be able to relive over and over.

How does it work?
1. Listen to and select amongst our bank of songs a given name and musical style.
2. Download free of charge the chosen song and send it via e-mail or mobile phone to the designated person.
3. Wait for happy comments!

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